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Andrew Lyman was born in Dallas, TX in 1991, and graduated from Sewanee University in 2014, after which he moved to New Orleans. He will begin working toward his painting MFA at Boston University in 2021. 

Artist Statement

In highly developed nations today there is a widespread alienation and loneliness that engenders fear and distrust, a restrictive self-righteousness of thought, and a dread of what-comes-next that has created broken societies. This can be traced back to a number of factors: racial discrimination and fear of fading privilege; growing wealth gaps; an increasingly inhospitable natural world; technological advancement surpassing our capacity to adjust, etc. Everywhere I see how this tense climate affects people, and how some of us are turning to misguided and dangerous means to renew our sense of interconnectivity. The resultant paintings describe a rising epidemic of estrangement through enigmatic, fractured narratives that further isolate the figures within.