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[New York, NY ::: b. 1960 - Detroit, MI]

Elliott Green was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1960 and has been making paintings in New York since 1981. After spending a year in Rome in 2012, his work developed a new sense of space and landscape, characterized by panoramic, far-reaching vistas, and geophysical features like mountains, reservoirs and skies that seem to melt impossibly into pure gesture. In his recent work, the conventions of landscape are upended to produce a visual experience of equal parts gestural energy, emotion, memory, and metaphor.


Until a decade ago, Green believed that his, “home was in his head, and the ideas and images it produced would be generated independently wherever he went”.  He is now aware that, “every new environment he enters in some way influences the way he thinks and the paintings he makes.”


Jana Prikryl notes, “Elliott Green’s paintings appear to be in continuous motion, the way animals, plants, and ultimately rocks and mountains are in continuous motion, even when our human vision fails to apprehend it. Placing great thick gestures of paint amid minute intricacies and vice versa, his compositions demonstrate the movement of the universe on both the macro and the micro scales.”


[download full CV below]


1978-81 University of Michigan



2017 Pierogi, New York

2016 John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY

2009 D’Amelio Terras, New York

2005 Singer Gallery, Denver, CO

2003 Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York



2016 Studio10, Brooklyn, NY, “Narratives of Enigma”, with David Brody

2016 The Frank Institute at CR10, Linlithgo NY, Creation Stories, with Colin Gee

2010 Clough-Hanson Gallery, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN, “Team SHaG”, w/Amy Sillman and David Humphrey

2006 I-Space, The University of Illinois, Chicago, “Team SHaG”

2005 Lafayette College, Easton, PA, “Team SHaG”

1998 Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT, “Team SHaG”

1998 Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, New York, “Team SHaG”

1997 Postmasters, New York, “Team SHAG”



2018 “La Cage Aux Fauves”, Double V Gallery, Marseille, FR

2018  “Oscillation”, Jonathon Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2018  “The Nature Lab”, LABspace, Hillsdale, NY

2017  “Life’s Rich Pageant”, Jeff Bailey Gallery, Hudson, NY

2017  “Space as Narrative”, Concord Center for the Visual Arts, Concord, MA

2016  “Outside In”, Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York

2016  "Representing Rainbows", Gerald Peters Gallery, New York

2016  "Shimmering Substance: Selections from Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grantees of the Hudson Valley", Kleinert/James Center for the Arts, Woodstock, NY

2016  "Faulted Valley Fog", Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



2017 BAU Institute, Cassis, France

2016 Yaddo Residency

2011-12 Rome Prize