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Frank Locke was born in Nashua, NH in 1987 and holds a BFA from the University of Maine, Orono. Influenced largely by feminists: artists Lesley Dill, Kiki Smith, and Louise Bourgeois, and arte povera artists Alighiero Boetti and Mike Kelly, Locke works primarily with found objects and poetry, cheap mass-produced materials, and the stories inherent within. Locke currently resides in Long Island City, NY with their cat, AJ.

Artist Statement

With my work I seek to make the intimate and the private, public. The work meanders through chronic disease, trauma, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. I work with “low” materials, such as craft store embroidery thread, beads, and sequins, and found thrifted materials. People know these materials and know how they feel. I want people to take those feelings of familiarity and expand upon their own empathy through my work. For some the work will make them feel seen, and for others, I hope it helps them see.