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[lives & works – Ahmedabad, India ::: born 1995] 


Harsimran Juneja is a self-taught artist who reflects upon living life within a society full of contrasts, contradictions and conflicts through his practice. With personal experiences at the core of his works, he employs drawing, painting and text in his artistic pursuits to portray social observations and narratives that can be interpreted plurally. 


With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Harsimran paired his education with his mother’s background as an artist to co-found an Art and Design academy in Ahmedabad. 

His time with the academy enabled him to delve deeper into the fields of Art and Design. Harsimran started his journey with painting and simultaneously explored his interests in art for physical and digital spaces through installations and graphic design. He undertook online courses in Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism and Fundamentals in Graphic Design to support his learning. 


Harsimran then paused his practice to pursue his Master’s in Design Management and Cultures from the University of the Arts London to explore his passion as an educator in Art and Design. Having gained clarity after his time in London, Harsimran formalised his practice in painting after returning to India in late 2019. He participated in his first online group exhibition titled Surface: The Online Edit with Artbuzz Studios, Delhi in 2020. Since then, he has participated in several other online art exhibitions including ‘The Group Show’ with Shrine NYC, ‘Infinity’ with The Holy Art, London and ‘When Words Fail’ with Visionary Art Collective, all in 2021. Harsimran’s work has been published in Boomer Magazine by Boomer Gallery, London in 2021. Most recently, his works were selected for display at Gallery 78, Hyderabad, India. Born in 1995, Harsimran works and lives in Ahmedabad, India.

Artist Statement

My art is a reflection of the society that we inhabit, motivated by contrasts, contradictions and conflicts within; interpreted through history, memory, fantasy, metaphor and perception of reality. By employing drawing, painting and text in my works, I attempt to reconstruct a social narrative that can be interpreted plurally in contemporary society. These narratives habitually draw inspiration from social observations and personal experiences; often culminating as truisms or statements relevant to the current socio-political and cultural landscape.


My visual language oscillates between representation and abstraction, inspired by primitive imagery, mythology and everyday life. While figures dominate my works, nature and everyday objects along with text are just as recurring and common, often embedded within the idea of space. In my approach, I surrender myself to the act of painting, letting intuition and emotion guide the way. As a result, there is always a contrast, contradiction or conflict in my work that directly correlates with the tension between values and desires, aggression and composure that is personal to my nature. Vast regions of flat color as opposed to energetic mark-making and cautious drawings as opposed to child-like images are a testament to the same. The frequent use of text in my works are thoughts amassed in the act of art-making that are gathered for me, but left open to interpretation. 


The tenets of my own nature that drive me not only lay emphasis on my personal conflicts, but also reflect on the politics of human nature. Can wo/man act solely on values or on desires? What values does a wo/man give up to fulfil her/his desires? In pursuit of a deeper understanding of these conflicts, my resulting works are hence revealing yet concealing. An outcome that echoes on my own existence within society; or perhaps without society.