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My production has landscape as its central element and the intersections between the natural and the created; questioning that even what we consider natural is actually the result of a figment of culture.



JULIA ROMANO was born in 1978, in Santa Fe, Argentina. She is a Professor (2001) and Licentiate (2003) in Plastic Arts from the Cordoba National University, Argentina. Her production is mainly based on the construction of digital images from photographs. In her latest body of work, she is interested in contemporary theories that approach landscape as an object of representation in the history of art. She questions the European representation of landscape from her Latin-American point of view. These ideas can be reflected in her digital collages made blending classic paintings and contemporary photographs of local landscapes. With the same thoughts, she has been working on installations and interventions inside and outside architectures. She has participated in numerous contests and exhibitions, both individual and collective, at home and overseas. She lives with her family in La Calera, a town near Cordoba city, Argentina.

Artist Statement

I made the series Cultural Landscapes with scanned or downloaded images from European paintings of landscape, digitally joined with my own photographs of Latin-American sights (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru). My production has landscape as its central element and the intersections between the natural and the created; questioning that even what we consider natural is actually the result of a figment of culture. Through collage and photography, I show how the same territory can be shaped up to convey a different landscape to each new viewer.


My work goes deeper into the fact that representation makes the existence of landscape possible. Our observation is conditioned by the multiplicity of ways in which landscape has been represented along the history of art; therefore we do not observe our surroundings in a static, unique, and truthful way, but as a plastic production. The way in which the environment is represented is the shape the world takes up.

Curriculum Vitae


2020              Romano 1 and Romano 2 Solo Show.  

2019              Cultural Landscapes. Rayuela Library’s Art Space. Salta, Argentina.

2018              A world apart from the world. Luogo espacio de arte contemporáneo. Rafaela,

                      Santa Fe, Argentina.

                      Gardens at sight. Centro Cultural Museo de las Mujeres. Córdoba, Argentina.

2017              A world apart from the world. Sasha D. Espacio de Arte. Córdoba, Argentina.

                     30.000. Installation at the balconies of the historic town hall building. Córdoba,


2016              Domestic Nature II. Jolie Bistro & Art Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2015              Landscape Representation. Salsipuedes Cultural House. Córdoba, Argentina.

                      Domestic Nature. Bindweed. Intervention with Yasmin Robert. Casa

                      Portal del Hospital de Niños. Contemporary Art Center Chateau Carreras. Córdoba,


                      Domestic Nature. Bindweed. Intervention with Yasmin Robert. Radio

                      Jerónimo. Córdoba, Argentina.

2014              Landscape Representation. The White Lodge. Cordoba, Argentina. 

                      Landscape Representation. TEO gallery. Las varillas, Cordoba. Argentina

2013              Landscape Studies. Artis Art Gallery. Córdoba, Argentina.

2012              Borrowed Landscapes. Contemporary Art Museum, Salta, Argentina. 

                      Hanging Gardens. Productora Rojo, Córdoba, Argentina.

2011/12         Borrowed Landscapes. Genaro Perez Museum, Cordoba, Argentina. 

2011              Constructed Landscapes. OSDE Foundation, La Rioja, Argentina. 



2021               Arte Laguna. Arsenal de Venecia, Italy

2020               Yicca prize. Milán, Italy.

                      NO DEAD ARTISTS: International Juried Exhibition, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2019              Pampa Energía Prize. Fototeca Latinoamericana. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                      Lar doce Lar (home sweet home). Bienalsur. Brasil Embassy. Buenos Aires,


                      Photography: a dialogue with the images. OSDE Foundation. Córdoba, Argentina.

                      Art and technologie. Fortabat Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                      Pulse. 33 women artists. Buen Pastor cultural center and other cities in Cordoba

                      province and Buenos Aires. Argentina.

2018              Visual Arts National Contest. Bicentenial National House. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                      To paint or how to forget about it. Women Museum cultural center.

                      Córdoba, Argentina.

                      Visual Arts exhibition. National arts fund. Bicentenial National House. Buenos Aires,


                      Imaginarium. Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, EEUU.

2017               Winter exhibition. Vértice Art Gallery, Lima, Perú.

                      Top 40 juried competition. Los Angeles Center for digital art (LACDA). Los Ángeles.


                      Dialogue between cultures. Lugo (Spain), Argentina, Uruguay. America Museum.

                      Madrid, España.

2016              Collaboration #4. Romano, Visconte, Salinas. General Alimentation art Gallery.

                      Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                      Floresta. Fundación OSDE. Córdoba, Argentina.

                      Landscape. Caravati Museum. San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentina.

                      Ludi moment. Sala Farina. Escuela de Artes Lino Spilimbergo. Córdoba, Argentina.

2015               Urban Condition. 220 Contemporary Center. Córdoba, Argentina.

                      Body and landscape. Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                      Botanic. University of Palermo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



                      Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Emilio A. Caraffa de Córdoba – Argentina.

                      Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario Castagnino-macro, Santa Fe, Argentina

                      Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes Dr. Genaro Pérez. Córdoba – Argentina.

                      Museo Casa Lino E. Spilimbergo. Unquillo, Córdoba – Argentina.

                      Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes Fernando Bonfiglioli. Villa María, Córdoba – Argentina.

                      Fototeca Latinoamericana (Fola). Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                      Museo de la Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (MUNTREF). Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                      Colección Biblioteca de la Ciudad de la Cultura de Galicia – Santiago de Compostela – España.

                      Colección Dave Bown Projects – Nueva York – Estados Unidos.

                      Colección The Open West – Stroud – Gloucestershire – Inglaterra.

                      Colección Manifest Gallery – Ohio – Estados Unidos.

                      Colección Milim Gallery– Londres – Inglaterra.

                      Colección NN Contemporary Art Gallery – Northampton – Inglaterra.

                      Colección Los Ángeles Center for Digital Art – Los Angeles – Estados Unidos.

                      Colección Galería Matèria – Roma – Italia.

                      Collección Bank of America - Atlanta, GA - Estados Unidos

                      Private Collections in Argentina, United States, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Brasil, Spain, Italy, England, France.