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Katayoun Afrooz is an Iranian visual artist and filmmaker.  Katayoun undertook her formal education and training in film and visual arts in the United States. She holds a degree in both Cinema and visual arts from Columbia college school of film. 

Furthermore, she studied filmmaking and video art under critically-acclaimed Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami. 

She also studied western philosophy at a private school in Tehran.


Spending half of her life in the east and half in the west, Katayoun main concern is women identity & sexuality, human experience and above all the notion of one‘s self, which she is exploring through moving images.


As a filmmaker she is more interested in experiment rather than traditional ways of storytelling. 

Artist Statement

I have but one desire as an artist, that is to express human emotions with symbolic and untraditional ways of storytelling.   


Growing up as an eastern woman we were taught to be mysterious when expressing ourselves, as a result I have chosen to use mirrors or water as a symbol of honesty in my art and that is the reason I feel my videos always have a hidden layer which needs to be discovered and explored.