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June 1 – July 16, 2022

AMANDA JOY BROWN, Audience, 2022
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Travelers, 2022
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Improvisation, 2022
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Winter Commute, 2022
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Waterfront Path, 2022
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Rose Bathers, 2022
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Spectators (color) 1, 2021
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Spectators (color) 2, 2021
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Spectators (color) 3, 2021
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Aerial Sunbathers, 2019
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Mission Band, 2013
AMANDA JOY BROWN, Subway, 2012

Artist Statement

People gather, disperse, and regroup in different combinations, converging at different times, and in different states of mind. Some gatherings are ephemeral and ever-shifting. Pathways, streets, beaches, theaters, concert halls, parks, and schools all attract and choreograph their occupants, filled with the energy of paths crossing and creating an encompassing, emergent personality unique to each crowd. These moments in time, no matter how brief, allow us to acknowledge the small connections among vast amounts of people that are collectively drawn to the same place or activity. In a time when we've collectively experienced both isolation and community, I've found myself appreciating these interpersonal moments in a new light.


Amanda Joy Brown is a visual artist and educator based in Nashville, TN. Brown earned her MFA in the painting program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. During her time there she studied at the Lacoste Residency in Provence, France, after which she completed a month-long residency at the Vermont Studio Center. After moving to Nashville, Brown was part of the Ground Floor Gallery+Studios collective for several years, occasionally teaching while working in her studio. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally. Her work is included in private and public collections in several countries such as Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, and Monaco. Brown’s work explores color, gesture, and texture. The layers of paint in her compositions embrace pattern and line, direct application, and drip techniques, fusing elements of direct observation and abstraction.