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new woodcut prints

July 19 – September 9, 2023

BARBARA KUEBEL, This love is real, 2022
BARBARA KUEBEL, This talk is serious, 2022
BARBARA KUEBEL, Cat dance or the limits of secrets/ Katzentanz oder die Grenze des Geheimen, 2022
BARBARA KUEBEL, looking closer is better/ besser hingeschaut, 2022
BARBARA KUEBEL, Night cats/ Nachtkatzen, 2022
BARBARA KUEBEL, the reflection, 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Flying babies, 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Beyond talk/Über das Reden hinaus, 2022
BARBARA KUEBEL, Carrying a larger idea/ colour black, 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Dissolving the outehr Skin/ colour violett (purple), 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Touching two places/ colour magenta red, 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Green bodies/ colour green, 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Changing the shape/ colour blue, 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Turning to one point/ colour olive green, 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Testing space with a body/ colour red, 2021
BARBARA KUEBEL, Testing gravity/ colour black, 2021


B A R B A R A  K U E B E L

[lives & works - Daphne, AL ::: b. 1969 – Linz, Austria]


BARBARA KUEBEL is a Daphne, AL-based artist who uses oil and pencil for her works on paper and on canvas. She was born and raised in Austria and earned two art degrees from the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna. Kuebel’s works are inspired by groups and group dynamics. Coming from character drawing, the assemblage of independent characters in patterns gives her a special sort of freedom. She herself refrains from creating a singular story in her artwork though she encourages her viewers to create them. She particularly loves humor-driven ideas, specifically when it comes to thinking about group dynamics in relation to the individual, namely, herself.